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Welcome to Oishi Thai Restaurant,,
"Freshness, Quality & Simplicity",

Address, 1-4-8-4-1, Biscayne Blvd., North Miami Beach, Florida, 3-3-1-8-1,
Telephone, (305)947-4338, Fax, (305)948-6722,,
Hours of operation, Monday to Sunday, 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. ,,

Meet our Chef,,
Mr. Piyarat Potha, Arreeratn,, as known as, “Chef Bee”,,

Picture of Chef Bee

Chef Bee,, was born in the small town of Ban Sankhohiang, located in the Chiang Rai province in Northern Thailand, bordering Laos and Myanmar. Born to farmers, he developed an appreciation for culinary early on from his mother who taught him everything from growing his own food, the different techniques of preserving and preparing food, as well as the vast array of flavors within the Northern Thai culture. Chef Bee spent his childhood summers at his grandparents' home in the nearby village of Ban San Macade, where under his entrepreneurial grandmother's guidance he also learned the art of making "Jin Som" (marinated pork), "Kab Muu" (crispy pork rinds) and "Rang Nok" (sweet caramel shredded taro) - Thai street food that she traded and sold at the local village market. ,

At the age of 18, prior to having earned his Chef title, Bee came to America from Thailand to study at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. After his study at UCF, Chef Bee decided to moved to Miami where he pursued his passion for cooking. Having no formal experience, he worked his way up the ladder, getting his start in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher, a busboy, and a foodrunner at several Miami area restaurants before landing a sushi chef position at Nobu, the Miami outpost of famed Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa inside the Shore Club. While training under the tutelage of some of the country's finest chefs, it was here that he truly learned what it took to run kitchen and maintain the highest standards. ,

Following Nobu, Bee went on to work under Chef Kevin Cory at Siam River before opening his own restaurant, Oishi Thai, in 2005 on Miami's Biscayne Boulevard. Oishi which means "delicious," quickly became a favorite of diners and critics alike including being named to the Miami New Times "Best of Miami" list in its first year, CitySearch's Best Miami Thai Food, garnering a number one rating in Zagat Guide and three and a half stars from the South Florida Sun Sentinel. ,,

Our Menu,,

Hot Dish Appetizer,,

picture of Black Cod Miso, Hot Appetizer

Black Cod Miso, twenty-two $,, Broiled marinated Alaskan miso cod.

Rock Shrimp Tempura, nineteen ninety-five $,, Rock shrimp tempura tossed with Oishi spicy mayo sauce, mixed greens yuzu juice, and shitake mushroom.

Oishi Thai Trio, ( Toro or Tejima Beef ), thirty-nine ninety-five $,, Seared Kobe or B.F. OO Toro garnished with sautéed garlic, spinach and shitake on top with cilantro and Enoke mushroom finished with spicy yuzu miso sauce, then topped with crispy onion.

Toro Tataki with Enokedaki Mushroom, thirty-nine ninety-five $,, Thin slices of seared B.F. Toro sashimi with broiled butter and Enoke mushroom with ponzu sauce.,,

Cold Dish Appetizer,,

picture of Oishi Salad

Kanisu with vinegar sauce or miso sauce, ten ninety-five $,, Imitation Crab, avacado, and masago rolled in paper-thin cucumber.,

Crispy Burmese Rice with Spicy Tuna, seventeen ninety-five $,, picy tuna, crispy yellow turmeric rice and jalepeno.,

Salmon Demon Slayer, twenty-six ninety-five $,, Salmon sliced and topped with chopped jalapeno and shallot, finished with sea salt and dried den miso.,

Crispy Tuna Truffle Sake plum sauce, seventeen ninety-five $,, Crispy wonton, chopped tuna, mixed greens topped with peanut and sake plum truffle sauce.,

Oishi Soups And Salads,, Tom Yum Shrimp, six $,, Thai famous clear shrimp soup with chili paste, lemongrass, lemon juice, scallion, fresh mushroom and cilantro.,

Tom Yum Chicken, six $,, Clear chicken soup with chili paste, lemongrass, lemon juice, scallion, fresh mushroom and cilantro., <

House Salad, four $,, Small salad with choice of ginger or honey miso dressing.,

Oishi Spicy Tuna Salad, sixteen ninety-five $,, Minced tuna mixed with kimchee sauce, cucumber, masago, scallion, and sesame oil.,

Spicy Tiger’s Tear, nine ninety-five $,, Grilled beef with lemon juice, onion, scallion, red bell pepper, cilantro and ground roasted rice served on the bed of lettuce.,

Sushi And Sashimi,,

picture of Sashimi

Price per piece,,

Snapper, three $ fifty,

Hamachi, five $,

Big Eye Tuna, five $,

Salmon, four $,

Tako (Octopus), three $,

Sushi Dinner, thirty-six ninety-five $,

Sashimi Appetizer, fifteen $,

Masago (flying fish roe), three $,

Ikura (Salmon roe), four $ fifty,,

Oishi Thai Dishes,,

picture of Royal Pad Thai dish

PAD THAI,, Thin rice noodles sautéed with egg, scallion, bean sprout and ground peanut.,

PAD SEE-EW,, Rice noodles sautéed with egg, broccoli and sweet soy sauce.,

OISHI FRIED RICE,, Sautéed Jasmine rice with egg, scallion, onion, and tomato.,,

Oishi Japaneses Dishes,,

picture of Steak Teriyaki

NY Steak Teriyaki, fourteen ninety-five $,, Grilled top with Teriyaki sauce and sesame seed with steam vegetables.,

Ramen Soup, twelve ninety-five $,, Egg noodle, chicken , scallion and vegetable in chicken broth.,

Chicken Katsu, sixteen ninety-five $,, Breaded and deep fried.,,

Oishi Main Course,,

picture of Crispy Duck with Red Curry

Duck, twenty-four ninety-five $,, Prepared with Brown sauce, Basil sauce, Red curry, Panang curry or Sweet and Sour sauce.,

Mixed Seafood, twenty-six ninety-five $,, Prepared with Basil sauce, Garlic sauce or any curry sauce as your request.,

Fillet Mignon, thirty $ ninety five,, Tiger’s tear Oishi thai style, Sizzling, Basil sauce or Massaman curry.,

Salmon Cashew Nuts, twenty one $ ninety-five,, Grilled salmon topped with cashew nuts, ginger, bell pepper, onion, snow pea, carrot and baby corn.,,

Oishi Sauces,,

Volcano Sauce,, Traditional Oishi Thai style chilli sauce.,,

Red Curry,, Prepared with bamboo shoot, bell pepper, basil leaves, green pea, red curry paste and coconut milk..,

Sweet and Sour Sauce,, Tomato, cucumber, onion, scallion, bell pepper, mushroom and pineapple.,,

Thank you for visiting, For reservation please call (305)947-4338,,, Click here for download our full menu in pdf format.